Want to build yourself a Shooting Bench ?


then here is a table that's very easy to build and works great




Material list

1 sheet of 3/4 inch plywood(used for table top)

1 section of 2 x 4 x 8 foot (for wedges)

assorted length screws (for mounting wedge blocks to bottom of table)

3 sections of black iron threaded pipe , 1 inch to 1 1/4 inch in size (used for legs)

3 floor mount threaded pipe flanges (to fit pipe size used)

12 heavy duty screws (for mounting the pipe flanges to plywood that is supported by wedges)

1 Quart of paint (use for finishing plywood top and legs) your choice of color

1 small bottle of woodworkers glue (used for gluing wedge blocks)


Tools Required

Circular Saw (used for cutting straight edges of table)

Jig Saw (used for rounding table edges)

Drill with screwdriver bits (used for installing screws)

orbital or belt sander (used to ease all edges and smooth surface of table)

appropriate drill bit sizes (used for screw pilot holes)

straight edge and pencil (for marking purposes)

paint brush if using brush on type of paint


When building the table , there are several steps to be aware of

get the sections of pipe longer than needed(approx.  4 foot lengths) then after the table is complete you can saw them to length to get the proper height

you can also weld small feet onto the bottoms of the legs to help prevent them  from sinking into the ground (automotive freeze plugs work very well for this)

it is best to use 3 wedges under each mounting block (1 under each edge and one in the center makes the table more stable)

to achieve a stronger table , you can also double the plywood top if desired

this bench can also be built from 5 quarter boards but you must use cross sections of boards (utilized to hold the boards together) these cross sections are also utilized to attach the leg flanges

the table can be built for either left or right hand shooters simply by flipping it over to have the cutout section on the left or the right to suit the shooter(must be decided before attaching wedge blocks for legs)

all corners on the table are rounded but can be left square if desired


Aim Small and have fun !




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